HORSEED GROUP company provides a full range of services for patients coming for health treatments of all kinds to Turkey. Our main goal is to deliver a program for quality medical diagnosis and treatment. This program will be tailored to fit your specific needs and will be delivered at an affordable price 

Our advantages

Treatment without pre-payment - the payment is due just prior to examination and/or medical treatment at our partner medical centre.

Every client is VIP - any request for diagnosis or treatment in Turkey is seen as a unique medical case, with all due attention and respect for the client.

The best specialists - constant cooperation with medical luminaries, and top-class professionals - a guarantee of getting the best doctor for any specific medical problem.

Best clinics - our regular contact and communication with the leading medical centres in Turkey allows you to choose from the best profiles of medical institutions available, to get the absolute best conditions available for admissions, and the highest levels of treatment - without long queues and waiting periods.

Best Service - the most comfortable conditions for staying in Turkey: continued support in English, Swahili, Somali, Arabic and French languages. You will receive a personal manager and helper who will promptly solve all medical and personal issues for you.

Other Services - meeting at the airport, transportation to clinic / hotel, leisure planning, apartments / hotel reservations, translation of documents, provision of transportation with a personal driver / interpreter, tours.

You do not have to worry where your accompanying family members will be staying, or who will meet you at the airport. We will arrange to take you to the hospital for treatment or to a hotel as needed. We can get release documents and necessary recommendations of doctors - all the organizational issues we address effectively and quickly.

We also have a special VIP package of personal and health services (on request of the patient), including the undergoing of rehabilitation and health treatments in the best rehabilitation centres in Turkey- after surgeries and treatments.

Tourist services: private tours in any city in Turkey with the best guides using the best in comfortable transportation options.

After finishing your medical treatment, we stay in touch with the you, our valuable patient, after you return to your home country. We assist in controlling the process of treatment in your local community at home, and we offer you an opportunity to purchase guaranteed and original (patented) medications from Turkey.

We provide each of our patients a personal administrator during the time of the examinations or treatments in Israel; we can also arrange at your disposal a personal nurse and/or a caregiver for postoperative patients.

Why you should choose HORSEED GROUP?

The best doctors: we will provide the most effective treatment for your condition. We have at our disposal highly skilled and first-class Turkish experts and specialists, who employ the most advanced techniques available.

Preliminary advice/consultation: we will provide you a free initial consultation with a specialist/expert (if necessary - a decision will be made by a Concilium of specialists), who will familiarize themselves with the history of your disease and will create a clear treatment program in Turkey.

Complete financial transparency: the solution of all financial matters, from the determining of the cost of treatment, to obtaining the necessary documents at release from the clinic - are all under our constant supervision

Convenient schedule of examination and treatment:we make for our patients a convenient schedule of examinations and treatments so that optimal use of the days of your stay in Turkey is achieved. We will save you from waiting in lines. We will also provide you a translator who will accompany you both in traveling to medical facilities, and in travel to other places you would like to visit in Turkey.

Control of the process of diagnosis and treatment: after approval of the plan of diagnosis and treatment, we will implement the coordination of all of its stages and will make sure that you can stay on track for the schedule of medical procedures, and that the schedule is maintained.

Support/Accompanying after treatment: at the end of the course of treatment, we will continue to accompany our customers even after their return to their home. Additionally, you can contact us at any time and consult us about any issues you may have.

Our Company HORSEED GROUP is here to help you! with prompt and effective treatment ! Most important for us is the constant concern and loving care for every patient - in the name of your health.