Horseed Group is an Istanbul based consultants firm , offering range of services including education,health,trade and tourism.Horseed Group promote its business and partner institutions in a professional and ethical manner by offering impartial and effective counsellings. This refers to any information released by us on behalf of institutions or hospitals e.g. facilities, entry requirements, admissions processes, course content, fees,quotations would be transparent and accurate.

Horseed Group provides free consultancy services for students to help them selecting appropriate courses offered by their desired Turkish Universities and Colleges. In doing so, we closely assess and match their previous educational & professional experience and career aspirations to offer the best advice.


Complete integrity and fully honest.

Transparent with openness.

A qualitative service with the highest professionalism.

Matters handled ethically with mutual trust.

Be inspiring and give the maximum consideration.


To completely assure that student profile are matched and only as per their requirement will educational institutions be selected for application in their proper satisfaction.


To be the best in guidance and proper advice to both students and patients seeking guidance in Turkey.

To always provide the highest quality in our services.

To cater to individual international students needs and requirement.

To be partners in the progress all the way from the beginning to the end.